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SNOWPLOWS - Personal

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Be Ready

This year, you’ll be ready. Ready for whatever Mother Nature plans on sending your way. No more blowing snow for hours in the freezing cold or waiting around for someone to dig you out of your driveway. Packed with great features, the rugged FirstTrax Personal Snowplow is ready to standup to the tough storms ahead and will have your path cleared in no time!

Our snowplows have been carefully designed to work with your existing truck or SUV, eliminating the need to upgrade to a heavier vehicle to support the product. Our mounts have been specially designed to bolt into existing holes in your vehicle frame, eliminating any welding or drilling, and allowing DIY installation. They are also compact enough to be hidden under the front of your vehicle, so you won’t have a ton of hardware left behind as an eyesore when your plow is detached.

To see an installed FirstTrax mount and step-by-step guide to attaching a FirstTrax snowplow to your truck or SUV, click here.

Key Features
• Hydraulic system lifts and lowers blade (a more reliable repetitive-use mechanism than a winch)

• Wired remote control for convenient in-vehicle operation

• Left or right manual angling with the shift of a handle for those hard to reach areas

• Superior paint finish with galvanized components for increased durability

• Unique blade colour stands out from the crowd

• Snow deflector minimizes windshield spray and increases visibility

• Skid shoes help your plow glide over rough or uneven terrain with ease

• Storage/mounting cart for easy plow attachment and removal

• Galvanized scraper blade for extreme durability against rust and wear

• Thicker trip springs to ensure tension remains strong and coils tight for optimal performance when encountering

• Existing holes in plow frame make it easy to add bolt-on accessories

• Upgrade manual angling to hydraulic with bolt-on kit (sold separately)

Discover The FirstTrax Difference
Our product innovation team has worked hard to solve some common snowplow design challenges that other brands still struggle with.


Floating Knuckle
This special bracket keeps the pressure points in line by removing the side load stress on the cylinder shaft to prevent bending and distortion, thereby extending the life of your plow.


Self-Leveling Plate

When the plow is raised, angled or straight, the leveling plate engages to keep the blade in a horizontal position to improve ground clearance. This feature ensures the corner of the blade doesn’t catch obstacles and cause damage.


Superior Finish
For extreme durability against the elements and rust, FirstTrax combines an industrial powder-coated paint finish on the blade, with a hot dipped galvanized hardware components, to keep your plow looking new for years.

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96801 96851 96901
Dimensions (w x h) 80" x19" 85" x 20" 90" x 21"
Assembled Plow Weight 275 lbs. 280 lbs. 285 lbs.
Construction Steel tube & sheet
Colour/Finish Yellow industrial powder coated blade skin, all other components are hot dipped galvanized
Lift System Hydraulic
Angling System Manual, left or right positions
(power angling upgrade accessory available/sold seperately)
Control System Wired remote control to lift & lower
Vehicle Mounting System* Custom bolt-on mounting brackets
Scraper Blade
Galvanized steel, replaceable
Snow Deflector /
Skid Shoes
Fully assembled unit ensures no missing parts
One year manufacturer's warranty



Model No. 96801 96851 96901
Blade Size 80" x 19" 85" x 20" 90" x 21"
FirstTrax snowplow,
snow deflector,
skid shoes,
vehicle mount,
mounting cart &
$2299.00 $2,399.00 $2499.00

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